Society for Disabled Children
Serving Special Needs Children in Kern County Since 1947

The STAR After School Program

The STAR program will be a multi-tiered approach to the early identification and support of services for students in grades K-6th with learning disabilities. Providing early, systematic, and appropriately intensive academic assistance to children who are at risk of already underperforming as compare to their grade level peers.


The STAR Program will support the development and sustainability of high quality learning programs for students with learning disabilities. The STAR Program will be an integral part of preventing summer learning loss, engaging students in learning opportunities that enhance their individual education plan (IEP). 


The STAR Program’s mission represent the Society for Disabled Children’s essential and enduring tenets that it will uphold and maintain in all aspects of its work as focus on the needs of children with disabilities in our community.


It is vital for the STAR program to be intentional about the varying methods of engaging students in STAR program. We will align our teaching strategies and methods of documenting student success by integrating the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), students Individual Education Plans (IEP), Speech Therapy (SP), Behavior Plan, and Parental Concerns into our practices.

The STAR Program will:

  • Offer additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students who are struggling academically in school and/or have a learning disability. These services may include academic assistance such as tutoring and other supplemental academic enrichment services that are aligned with the State’s academic content and achievement standards.
  • Demonstrate a record of effectiveness in increasing the academic achievement of students in subjects relevant to meeting the State’s academic content and achievement standards.
  • a} High quality, research based, and designed to increase student academic achievement.
  • B} Aligned with State academic content and student academic achievement standards.
  • C} Secular, neutral, and non-ideological.
  • Evaluate results demonstrating that our instructional program has improved student achievement through pre-post assessments, observations and goals set and met.

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Above: Executive Director Shelley helping with homework. 

Children Gardening. 

Below: Picture of the mushroom farm the children planted.

Children doing Science.

Children Cooking.
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